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The SONIC offers affordable exclusivity, allowing you to craft your own fully customised one-of-a-kind project!


This iconic, lightweight, twin-seat sports car is now owned and produced by Equilibrium Kit Cars, having originally been designed by Stuart Mills of Mills Extreme Vehicles in 2008. It continues to boast a bespoke, low-mass, tubular space-frame chassis, double-wishbone suspension and mountings to accept the readily available Ford Focus powertrain. The kit's original styling was based upon the MEV Rocket’s curves, but with the addition of more practical weather protection from an enclosed glass fibre cockpit.

The unmistakable SONIC shape has now been reworked with fresh eyes and an increasingly inventive and technical perspective. The kit has been fully CAD modelled from the ground up, with the addition of a number of enhancements to give a beneficial update using modern manufacturing and design techniques.


All future engineering and metalwork production will be done in-house, and so special requests, challenges and modifications are welcome!

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  • Low-mass steel space-frame chassis

  • Enclosed glass fibre cockpit

  • Adjustable double-wishbone suspension 

  • Ford Focus Mk.1 based, as standard (other engine options available)

  • Total built weight of approximately 600kg (depending on specification) 

  • 0-60 mph times of less than 5 seconds 

  • Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive

  • Approx. 40/60 front/rear weight distribution

  • Power-to-weight ratios over 300 bhp/ton possible

  • Build support network via the MEV owners group



Chassis Elements

Space-frame chassis, to suit MK.1 Ford Focus engine & gear box [1]

(other engine options available) 

Front upper & lower CDS steel wishbones [4]

Rear upper & lower CDS steel wishbones [4]

Polyurethane wishbone bushes [44]

Stainless steel inserts for wishbone bushes [22]

Rear uprights (fabricated) - Compatible with MK.1 driveshafts, front hubs, bearings & rear brakes [2]

High tensile bolts, lock nuts & washers for wishbones & shock absorbers [30]

Track rod ends [2]

Front camber adjusters [2] & Rear camber adjusters [2]

Front lower ball joints [2] & Rear toe adjusters [2]

Steering rack (standard ratio) [1] & extensions [2]

Aluminium fuel tank (32 litres) (front mounted) [1]

Aluminium angled coolant pipes [2]


Body Work

Aluminium floor [1] & side panels [2]

Aluminium bulkhead panels, front [1] & folded rear [1]

Cycle wing mounting brackets [4]

GFRP* single colour side panels [2] GFRP* bonnet [1]

GFRP* engine cover [1] GFRP* engine cover extension [1]

GFRP* front grille [1] GFRP* rear panel [1] 

GFRP* dashboard [1] GFRP* cycle wings [4]

*Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic panels in white (intended for painting or wrapping) OR coloured gel coat finish (in almost any RAL colour)


"Being able to put your own stamp on it and have the features you’ve always wanted makes each car an individual beast."


Some parts can be reused from your donor vehicle if you wish;

Engine, Gearbox plus mounts

ECU and engine bay wiring harness

Exhaust manifold and catalytic converter (excluding ST170 Duratec)

Driveshafts, front hubs, rear brake discs and calipers

Wheels and tyres

Radiator and cooling fan (although VW Polo radiator recommended)

Coolant expansion tank, brake/clutch fluid reservoir

Steering column and switches

Fuel pump and fuel gauge sender

Number plate lights and side repeaters

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