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What is the lead time for your kits? 

New style kits are not yet in production, but we will update here when dates are confirmed. We are working behind the scenes to ensure all process and quality issues have been rectified before orders are placed.  Please join our mailing list to be sent the details as soon as they are available. 


Are you able to provide a fully built ‘Turnkey’ vehicle?

No, unfortunately we are not offering factory builds. The SONIC will only be available in kit form, for the foreseeable future.


Is this a ‘kit-in-a-box’ or will I have to source components myself?

The SONIC is not a ‘kit-in-a-box’, and you will need to source some parts for yourself (although a lot of these can come from the same donor car).  EKC can provide many optional extras to help with this, but there will always be parts you need to source for yourself – choosing your own is part of the fun!


How much will a completed kit cost? 

Final kit pricing is not yet confirmed but the standard basic SONIC kit will be approximately £6k. 


Is there a build manual? 

There is a detailed build manual which contains all the information necessary to assemble the standard kit. We are currently in the process of updating this and will provide a manual with all kits sold. 


Do you ship worldwide? 

Not at present, all kits are to be collected from our premises in Cambridge. If you are in the UK and need to chat to us about this, please get in touch.  International customers are welcome to arrange collection themselves or via a specialist shipping company.


I’m an international customer, will I be able to register my SONIC in my country?

Unfortunately, we can’t advise on this, road vehicle legislation varies from nation to nation, and the standard SONIC has only been designed with UK legislation in mind.  There is lots of consistency with legislation abroad, but EKC are unable to offer any further guidance on this.  Please ensure you understand the legislation in your country before ordering, as we will be unable to refund/support issues with registration abroad. If you know of a specific issue with registration in your country (for example, torsional rigidity requirements in Australia), then we are happy to assist with this as best we can. Please contact us to discuss prior to ordering.

Which bits of the SONIC can be customised? 

It’s probably easier to list the bits that can’t be! The scope to customise the SONIC is huge and that’s one of the reasons we believe in it so much, the standard kit can just be the starting point if you wish. All our engineering is done in house by Equilibriums owner Mike who is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over a decade of experience in design, development, and testing of special purpose vehicles. If you have specific questions about customising the SONIC please just ask!

I saw the SONIC ‘Wraith’ at a show.  Can I build exactly this car?

The ‘Wraith’ has been extensively customised, but it started life as a standard kit, so you certainly can build a SONIC kit to this level.  Some of the special features of the ‘Wraith’ we plan to offer as optional extras (boot & bonnet hinges, carbon fibre parts, 8” rear wings etc), but there are some one offs we do not plan to reproduce. Please discuss your requirements with us before ordering, so that we can tailor your kit to your needs.


Can I use a different donor car, if I’m not keen on the Ford Focus?

Yes, you can, but many of the physical mountings on the chassis are designed to take ford focus components (engine mounts, hand brake, steering column, etc), and are unlikely to fit other vehicles’ components. If you’re comfortable grinding and welding, then you can customise whatever you like (although, please note that this will invalidate the stress analysis data, and hence is entirely at your own risk), but be aware you can’t just purchase a different donor and expect it to fit.  Please contact us with special requests, and we will see what we can do to assist.


Can I use my SONIC as a track day / racing car?

Yes, certainly, but please check the regulations of the type of track day / series you plan to run at.  There may be special requirements that you need to comply with.  As an example, the SONIC does not currently have a MSA specification roll cage (but this is a planned upgrade.)


Can I go electric?

For track use, yes, definitely.  Please contact us to discuss your powerplant/battery needs and we be able to tailor a chassis to your needs, and please see comments above about track/race usage. For road use, the answer should be the same, but the legislation/route to approval is far more challenging.  EKC will be working on this in future, and as soon as we have a reliable route to registration, we will advise.  As things stand, if you want to go Electric, EKC will be happy to support you, but we can’t guarantee that it will be possible / cost effective to make your car road legal.


I am disabled and require special access/controls to drive. Will a SONIC accommodate me?

There should be no reason why you cannot build and drive a SONIC, but this will depend on the nature of your disability and the relevant legislation. There are disabled teams entering and completing the Dakar rally, so building a SONIC should be easy by comparison!  We will help with this as far as is possible, so please contact us to discuss your build.

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