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Balancing innovative engineering with distinctive design


Equilibrium Kit Cars Ltd [EKC] was born out of the purchase of the design rights to the Sonic, a kit car originally created by respected car builder, designer, and driver Stuart Mills. The Sonic is Equilibrium's first kit but will become one of a selection of vehicles loosely based on this same chassis going forward.

Equilibrium's director Michael Farrow has fully CAD modelled the vehicle during his own build, prior to owning the design rights, adding many unique customisations along the way. Putting together a kit piece by piece has to be the best way to learn exactly what makes the SONIC tick and how different components relate to each other — and to see the scope for potential modifications. 


There is a certain gratification and sense of accomplishment that comes from building something with your own hands. Being able to put your own stamp on it and have the features you’ve always wanted makes each car an individual beast. The satisfaction from a finished project, plus the excitement every time you get behind the wheel, can’t be beaten!


The chassis and metalwork production for Equilibrium Kit Cars will now be located in Cambridge, while bodywork manufacture remains with a specialist glass fibre fabricator in Devon. All engineering will be done in-house so special requests, challenges and modifications are welcome.

Please get in touch with any questions you may have, and when we’re not under a bonnet we’ll get back to you.

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"I have always loved the unique look of this car. Owning the business and being able to start here, adding my own engineering personality, is a very exciting prospect!”


Michael Farrow, Director Equilibrium Kit Cars Ltd

Mike has always had a keen interest in practical and technical aspects of engineering, with a special interest in vehicles and planes, originating from an upbringing messing about under car bonnets and gliding with his father. This led to a university degree in Aerospace engineering and a placement year in industry working on specialist military ambulances. This fourth year of his master’s course, working on real life projects from conception to completion, cemented his future career securely on the land rather than in the sky, a field he has continued to work in ever since.


“As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, I have over a decade of experience in design, development and testing of special purpose and military vehicles. My experience will allow me to continue to progress the SONIC base, offering alternative engine fitments and enhancements.


"The SONIC offers affordable exclusivity, allowing you to craft your own one-of-a-kind project, and I’m looking forward to encouraging more garage-built dreams.” 

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