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side view white wire-01_edited_edited.jpg
side view white wire-01_edited_edited.jpg

Experience a four wheeled rush of adrenaline you’ve built yourself!

Equilibrium Kit Cars is home of the SONIC - A lightweight, twin-seat kit car, delivering extreme performance & edge-of-your-seat handling!

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  • Low-mass steel space-frame chassis

  • Enclosed glass fibre cockpit

  • Adjustable double-wishbone suspension 

  • Ford Focus Mk.1 based, as standard (other engine options available)

  • Total built weight of approximately 600kg (depending on specification) 

  • 0-60 mph times of less than 5 seconds 

  • Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive

  • Approx. 40/60 front/rear weight distribution

  • Power-to-weight ratios over 300 bhp/ton possible

  • Build support network via the MEV owners group

Building SONIC from the ground up is not only a rewarding personal challenge, but creates a head-turning vehicle you will be thrilled to drive!

top view white wire-01_edited.jpg
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